Nephrocare Division

For over two decades, the Nephrocare division at RPG Life Sciences has been in the management of Chronic Kidney Diseases, kidney transplant, high end infections and dialysis.

The Division has some landmark brands that has revolutionized the therapy in the Chronic Kidney Disease management. It is proud to have the patent brand of Cyclosporine in micro- emulsion technology - ARPIMUNE ME. The division has also been a pioneer to launch AZORAN (Azathioprine), indigenously developed and manufactured in India, thus making the product available to Indian masses not depending on imported brands.

The in-house R&D team has also developed for the first time in India - The Only Indigenously developed Medicinal Ketoanalogue - ALFALOG which is approved by the DCGI as medicinal grade ketoanalogue.

Today, as per ORG- IMS Nephrocare division of RPG Life Sciences Ltd has been ranked as No. 1 company among the players in this therapeutic area.

In the recent past, the division has expanded its wings in the area of critical care. The objective is to further make inroads in the area of Nephrology through the support of Critical care. Several high end injectables have been introduced for high end infection management. Nephrocare now caters to highly specialised transplant, dialysis and high end infection management drugs to restore the essence of life.

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