We have a diverse product portfolio spanning four divisions. Our product portfolio includes some of the well-known textbook brands such as Aldactone, Serenace, Naprosyn, Azoran, Lomotil and Lomofen+.


Main Division develops, manufactures and markets branded formulations across a wide therapeutic spectrum. The therapeutic areas catered to by Main Division include Gastro...
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For over two decades, the Nephrocare division at RPG Life Sciences has been in the management of Chronic Kidney Diseases, kidney transplant, high end infections and dialysis....
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Neolife division at RPG Life Sciences was launched in July 2010 with a product mix of chemotherapy, supportive care and palliative care.

The division has been in line...
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RPG Life Sciences launched Urolife division in 2016, a division that touches the lives of patients suffering from Urological diseases. Urology is a branch of medical sciences...
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