Formulation Research and Development

Formulation research forms the most significant pillar of RPG’s growth strategy. Formulation R&D is proficient in delivering innovative, critical, patentable, branded as well as generic formulations with expertise and capabilities to develop all types of dosage forms including niche products using highly specialised technology products including that of moisture sensitive drugs for the domestic and global market.

The extensive research work has led to breakthrough inventions, which have been protected under patent applications.

RPG develops and applies skills to ensure the quality of its products right from the design to the manufacturing stage for patient’s safety and efficacy of the products.

The development process for the products followed, ensures formulation development based on Quality by Design (QBD) principles enabling robust, reproducible and regulatory complied products in the market.

The R & D Centre has the formulation development pipeline of complex products where major development is for international markets specifically in Immunosuppressant, CNS, CVS etc. therapies.

Formulation R&D has made key breakthrough achievements:
  • Cyclosporine micro-emulsion Novel Drug Delivery System granted patent in about 20 countries including US and European countries
  • Lamotrigine Mouth Dissolving tablets patented internationally and India
  • Alfalog Tablets (alpha ketoanalogue), a novel formulation has been developed indigenously for chronic kidney disease
  • Stable formulation of moisture sensitive anti-anginal drug using Fish Bone blister pack containing desiccant
  • Prolonged release (24 hrs release) bioequivalent formulation of anti-epileptic drug


Lamotrigine Dispersible & Meltable Tablet process
Cyclosporine formulation process